Exploring Alternative Economy, with Dan Sockrider of Evolver Indianapolis

Magenta Imagination Healer (the new Executive Director of The Evolver Network) interviews Dan Sockrider of Evolver Indianapolis:

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Dan, in our Sporeganizer meetings you’ve mentioned research that you’ve done related to alternative economy, and projects you’re working on that have emerged as solutions to the shortcomings to the current dominant economic paradigm. Can you first give us a summary of books you’ve been reading and the practices you’ve investigated?

I guess it started with Charles Eisenstein’s Sacred Economics back in 2011, which gives a thorough and detailed narrative of what money is, what it is for, and the history of it, and then moves into discussions of negative interest currency; elimination of economic rents, and compensation for depletion of the commons; internalization of social and environmental costs; economic and monetary localization; social dividend; economic degrowth; gift culture and P2P (as summated by fellow Evolver, Sue Giger).

At some point I found the movie Money & Life, which is an excellent way to get up to speed on this topic in 90 minutes, but the whole topic of money is a difficult journey, and in that film there is definitely some tough content to handle, in the sense that learning about how our financial works, and what it is doing to us can be like taking the red pill (The Matrix reference).

Read more via Exploring Alternative Economy, with Dan Sockrider of Evolver Indianapolis | Reality Sandwich.

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