End the Drug War: The American People Are Not the Enemy – Doug Bandow

This article is the first installment in the symposium “What’s Wrong With Drugs?” Contributions to this symposium represent the opinions of each author. Stayed tuned for contributions from Matthew Feeney, Gavin McInnes, and Anthony Esolen. Read the symposium introduction below.

Don’t miss Brian Miller’s response to Doug Bandow in his Student Voices column.

Drug use is bad. Arresting people for using drugs is worse. With the states of Colorado and Washington leading the way, the federal government should drop criminal penalties against those who produce, sell, and consume drugs.

Prohibition always was a dubious policy for a people who called their country the land of the free. Early restrictions on tobacco and alcohol use failed. The so-called Drug War has been no better. Unfortunately, the latter campaign has always been a violent, often deadly, assault on the American people.

There’s no obvious moral reason to demonize the use of mind-altering substances which are widely employed around the globe. Obviously, drugs can be abused, but so can most anything else. That some people will misuse something is no argument for prohibition. Even the Bible only inveighs against alcohol intoxication, not use. In his short book, The War on Drugs is a War on Freedom, Christian writer Laurence Vance makes a powerful case against the Drug War.

Read more via End the Drug War: The American People Are Not the Enemy | Intercollegiate Review.

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