The War Is On You – Jeffrey Tucker

After 25 years of war on Iraq, the U.S. has what to show for it? A handful of dust. And at what cost in lives and property? It boggles the mind to consider the breadth and depth of the suffering.

Car bombings are a common form of attack in Ir...

Iraq was the great experiment following the Cold War for how the U.S. military machine could be used to make the world more free from tyranny — or so we were told.

Today, watching the crumbling of the house of cards, we see that the stated intentions of the world’s largest and most pervasive military empire has been brought down. And how? Solely by the aspirations of a diverse people united only by their determination to throw off the foreign yoke.

Does this mean that the Iraq mission has failed? Judging by the stated aims of four successive presidents, countless military commanders, and legions of wartime pundits, the answer is absolutely yes. But what this answer doesn’t consider is the advantages that war gains for the domestic government.

In times of unrest, instability, and impending upheaval, the ostentatious display of war is designed to remind the people who is boss. Nothing is more important to the state.

This was the whole reason that this Iraq disaster began. Recall that in 1989, the Cold War had ended very inconveniently, almost without warning. For forty years, Americans were told about their dangerous and implacable foe, the country and system that threatened all we hold dear. One morning we woke up and it was gone, revealing not ominous threats but burned out governments and demoralized populations.

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