Details on Our Fight for Ballot Access

DuPage Libertarians


On Friday, August 15th, the Hearing Officer assigned to our case RULED IN FAVOR of the Libertarian Party, turning in her report and stating that our petitions “are sufficient and therefore the Libertarian Party does qualify as a new political party at the 2014 General Election and all of the Candidates’ names for the Libertarian Party should be printed on the official ballot at the General Election to be held on November 4, 2014.”

The fight isn’t over yet. The details laid out in this article should infuriate every American who believes in a fair, just system. It should anger taxpaying citizens of Illinois as well, though as Election Day results show, the anger never lasts long. We are talking about intimidation, stalking and even affidavit fraud. Here is the basic outline of what we have gone through, including many things you may have not heard.

First, we turned in…

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