Bruce Rauner’s spokesman says the Republican nominee for governor knew nothing about the unusual strong-arm tactics used by his allies in their failed effort to keep the Libertarian Party candidates from appearing on the November ballot.

The statement from Rauner’s campaign followed my column last week on the Republican deployment of armed private investigators to challenge the Libertarian slate’s nominating signature petitions.

“Bruce wants as many people engaged in the political process as possible,” Rauner spokesman Mike Schrimpf said in an e-mail. “Bruce has no knowledge of these alleged activities, and if they are true, he strongly denounces them. Bruce doesn’t agree with any form of voter intimidation.”

It’s easy to say you oppose voter intimidation and greater engagement in politics.

But did Rauner do all he could to deter those who were acting to further his interests from engaging in the sort of behavior he now repudiates?

Public records show there are strong ties between Rauner and those involved in the effort to knock the Libertarians off the ballot.

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