An Unhappy Summer For Liberty – Judge Andrew Napolitano

At the root of the chaos in the Middle East and here at home are governments that respect no limits on their exercise of power. Public officials — who are supposed to be our public servants — routinely behave as if they are our masters. They reject the confines of the Constitution, they don’t believe that our rights are inalienable, and they fail to see the dangerous path down which they are leading us.

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It is a path to an authoritarian nation, predicted by the British writer George Orwell in his dark and terrifying novel “1984,” in which governmental power is fortified by fear at home and war abroad.

President Obama has dispatched 60,000 National Security Agency spies to monitor the cellphone and landline calls — as well as the emails, texts, bank statements and utility bills — of nearly all Americans, in utter disregard for the constitutional standard required for doing so: probable cause of criminal acts by the persons spied upon. Yet his spies somehow missed the Boston Marathon bombing, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and theft of Crimea, the downing of a Malaysian civilian airliner and the growth of the Islamic State, or ISIS, in the Middle East.

The Islamic State was fomented by the tragic, immoral and illegal American invasion of Iraq. That invasion was carried out under the false pretenses that the United States needed to find the weapons of mass destruction we had sold to Saddam Hussein. The Iraq war cost the lives of 650,000 Iraqis and 4,500 Americans. It displaced more than 2 million Iraqis and, because it was paid for by borrowed funds, added $2 trillion to the U.S. government’s debt.

The consequence of American Middle Eastern imperialism has become the virulently anti-American and viciously efficient ISIS fighting force. President Bush and his generals and Mr. Obama and his spies knew or ought to have known about it. This disciplined group of fanatics is the latest American bogeyman at whom the warmongers are aiming their cries for more American military action and, thus, more American blood.

Mr. Bush was reckless to have fought an unjust war, and Mr. Obama is reckless to have misguided our intelligence resources toward Americans and then feign surprise at the growth of this foreign disease right under his nose. This is a disease, though, that he and the military-industrial complex will use to terrify us into another useless war. By their standards, any group or government — except for the United States and our allies — that uses violence to get its way should be eliminated by more violence. That will literally bring war without end.

Congress is a potted plant. It has permitted Mr. Obama — in defiance of the Constitution — to destroy Libya, bomb innocents in Pakistan and kill Americans in Yemen. There is a reason why only Congress can declare war: to ensure debate about war, to discover whether there is a legal basis for it, to explore all options to it, and to prepare for its human, geopolitical and financial consequences.

Read more via NAPOLITANO: An unhappy summer for liberty – Washington Times.

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