Ann Coulter Wants to Drown Libertarian Voters – Jill Pyeatt

Ann Coulter, a sometime spokeswoman for the Republican Party, had some surprising comments for people who might be considering voting for a Libertarian candidate.

Ann Coulter at the 2004 Republican National Co...

This is the verbiage of the last paragraph of her column from September 17th:

Which brings me to my final assignment this week: If you are considering voting for the Libertarian candidate in any Senate election, please send me your name and address so I can track you down and drown you.

This caught the attention of a few other columnists. A writer from Salon had this lead-in as the first sentence of his column:

Stumbling on perhaps the sole belief she shares in common with many readers of Salon, Ann Coulter writes in her latest column that people who vote for libertarian candidates are “idiots.”

A few other columnists had some fun with Ms. Coulter.

Austin Cassidy from Uncovered Politics

So here’s an idea, if you want to send Coulter your address so she can come and kill you, consider doing it via the Federal Elections Commission. Make a donation to Robert Sarvis for U.S. Senate in Virginia, and then Ann will be able to look you up via the campaign’s FEC reports.

Mr. Cassidy continues:

Or perhaps stick an Adrian Wyllie for Governor sign on her lawn.

Ronald Bailey of Reason writes:

In Virginia, I am voting for the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Robert Sarvis, this November.

So O.K., Ms. Coulter, come give drowning me a try. My home address in Charlottesville is marked on the map. Google Map directions to my house from your digs in Palm Beach are below. See you soon.

And, he even includes a map!

Read more via Ann Coulter Wants to Drown Libertarian Voters | Independent Political Report.

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