A new survey of likely voters in North Carolina raises the prospect of yet another libertarian “spoiler” candidate.

The CNN/ORC International poll has Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) pulling 46 percent of votes and Republican challenger Thom Tillis 43 percent, with a 4 percent margin of error. However, the poll also has Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh polling at 7 percent of the vote. If this proves to be an accurate prediction of election results, it will undoubtedly lead to Sean Haugh being labelled a “spoiler” by whichever side ends election night with a concession speech.

English: Kay Hagan, U.S. senator from North Ca...

Haugh credits his strong poll numbers to an increased awareness of the libertarian brand, a significant change from when he ran for Senate in 2002. “‘Libertarian’ is a household word now,” he told The Washington Post. “Everybody knows what it means.”

So who is Sean Haugh? According to the Post’s July profile, Haugh is a 53-year-old pizza deliveryman who “comes across as both folksy and erudite, funny and earnest”.

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