Voluntary vs. Mandatory Charity – Jacob Hornberger

As everyone knows, one of the major differences between statists and libertarians is over the issue of charity. Libertarians believe that charity should be voluntary. Statists believe it should be mandatory.

In analyzing this fundamental difference in perspective, there is one indisputable fact: The more wealth there is in a society, the greater the amount of charity that can be provided to others.

Now, I know what a statist would immediately say: “Jacob, people are just no darned good — well, except for me of course. They have to be forced to give their money to others.”

That’s a separate and distinct issue, one that I’ll address momentarily. For now, I just want to make the point that statists cannot deny: A society in which people hold $10 million in total wealth is capable of helping others more than a society in which people have a total wealth of $10,000.

For example, let’s say that people want to use cash to construct a church that is going to cost $1 million. If the total amount of wealth in that society is $100,000, that church is not going to be built. If the total amount of wealth is $10 million, then there is at least the possibility that the church will be constructed.

Such being the case, if we want to help others, doesn’t it behoove us to figure out ways to increase the total amount of wealth in society?

As a matter of fact, there are ways to increase the total amount of wealth in a society. Here are some of them:

Read more via Voluntary vs. Mandatory Charity – The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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