Slandering Ron Paul – Justin Raimondo

In the midst of his polemic against Ron Paul and the concept of “blowback” as the progenitor of Islamist terrorism, Kevin D. Williamson, writing in National Review Online, avers I’m “an intelligent man” – but after reading his jeremiad, I’m not sure I can return the compliment.

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his...

He urges his readers to consider my “cracked analysis” of the Paris attacks and proceeds to quote a single sentence out of a 2,000-word essay published on

“None of the individual terrorists who struck that fateful day would’ve even been in the country but for the fact that France established an African empire in the 19th century.”

Omitted from this terse citation is my account of the history of French imperialism in Africa from the nineteenth century to the mid-1950s, a history that includes France’s outright annexation of its North African colonies – and the conferring of French citizenship on the conquered inhabitants. “Invade the world, invite the world” has always been the hallmark of European empires, a point understandably sensitive in a magazine filled with dire warnings about the “Islamization” of Old Europa – while entirely ignoring the role empire-building played in creating the culture clashes they decry. When Bill Buckley declared that National Review‘s mission is to “stand athwart history yelling ‘Stop!’” surely he didn’t mean conservatives ought to stop paying attention to history. Is it really necessary to point this out to Buckley’s epigones?

“Blowback is about the apportionment of blame and opprobrium, and nothing more,” declares Williamson, who claims I do “indeed want to blame the French – long-dead French – for the Paris attack.”

Read the rest via Slandering Ron Paul by Justin Raimondo —

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