Anarchist and Christian, But Neither Left nor Right

Attack the System

Anarchy, Faith, and Tradition: A Review of Wayne John Sturgeon’s Albion Awake

The book is presently available at Amazon.Com

By Keith Preston

Decades ago, I became interested in the classicalanarchist tradition rooted as it is in the works of such thinkers as Pierre Joseph Proudhon, Mikhail Bakunin, and Peter Kropotkin. The message of anarchism was powerful one, and even then I realized that the anarchists had not made their final stand in such places as Kronstadt and Barcelona. Instead, the philosophy of anarchism offered a glimpse into the future, perhaps the far distant future. However, from the earliest days of my exposure to anarchism, I realized that the state of the “movement” as it was and is in late modernity is hardly up to the task of challenging capitalism and the state.

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