Is America Evolving a New Religion?

Very interesting look at the history of American metaphysical traditions…

Newtopia Magazine

The All Seeing Eye caps the American pyramid.

When most people think of American religion we think of evangelicals preaching to huge stadiums, or Protestant ministers in neighborhood churches, or choirs in southern Baptist congregations.  Most Americans believe America is a Christian country, founded by Christians.

But a new vision of American history has been born in the last twenty years as historians of American culture have overcome prejudice and peer pressure to reveal a rich spiritual life until now all but ignored, and the revelation that the more things change the more they stay the same.


Tarot cards or medieval profile pics?

Do you have a friend who sees a trance channel?  Someone who enjoys reality shows about mediums on cable television, or perhaps one who reads books about the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce?  While Cayce’s predictions about the discovery of Atlantis, and of violent earth…

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