The Nonsense of War – Lucy Steigerwald

The Islamic State (ISIS) beheads people, which proves that they are evil. Saudi Arabia beheads people, but they are allies of the United States. On March 30, Saudi airstrikes hit a Yemeni refugee camp and killed at least 29 people, mostly civilians. Oh, and whether we know it or not, the U.S. is totally at war with Yemen. But not, like, officially.

Billboard with portrait of Assad and the text ...

We’ve finally gotten word on the Iran nuclear deal (though the officially binding bit will happen at the end of June). Iran hardliners hate America. American hardliners distrust the mysterious, foreign, overly religious dudes who stormed our embassy. (Not like America and Britain ever overthrew the Iranian government or anything. Wait, yes they did.).

Oh, and we need to do something about ISIS. Just like we needed to do something about Bashar Al-Assad. Because they are the enemies of freedom. One of them is. We’ll get it sorted once we figure out who we need to send money, weapons, or training to. Either the president of Syria or ISIS, though, they are definitely the worst people who represent an existential threat to America, or possibly Israel, or at least the Middle East. But they’re bad, and we need to pick a side.

Clear? Good. Let’s go on.

Read the rest via The Nonsense of War by Lucy Steigerwald —

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