Do Libertarians Have A Political Future? – David Harsanyi

With issues like decriminalization and gay marriage gaining political traction, many pundits have argued that America is in the midst of a ‘libertarian moment.’ For those interested in contemporary arguments for libertarianism, David Boaz’s revised and updated The Libertarian Mind: A Manifesto for Freedom is good place to start. Boaz, executive vice president at the Cato Institute, contends that though the fundamentals of the philosophy have not changed since he first published the book in 1997, events – the rise Internet, 9/11, the Iraq war and the financial crash and its aftermath, among many others – have improved the prospects of libertarianism in America.

The Federalist spoke with Boaz about Rand Paul’s prospects, the social conservative-libertarian alliance, and the future of libertarianism in mainstream American politics.

Read the rest via Do Libertarians Have A Political Future?.

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