Path to war is unrelenting – Jeremiah Horrigan

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts pulled no punches at the first session of the Trends Research Institute’s Peace and Prosperity Conference Sept. 18.

Unless we find a way to wage peace, he said, the country will continue on its path toward a war that could culminate in nuclear Armageddon.

Roberts, a former assistant secretary of the treasury in the Reagan administration and a contributing editor to Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal, provided both an insider’s view of recent American history and a troubling analysis of why the country has to stop its relentless reliance on war as the solution for every economic, social and political crisis.

Roberts began by quoting Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz’s estimate of the economic costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — between $6 trillion and $8 trillion.

Then he listed the additional, incalculable costs of those wars in non-financial terms, what he called “the costs for others.” This includes the millions killed and injured, and the displaced victims of war who, even as he spoke, were flooding European borders and nations destroyed by American invaders.

Source: Path to war is unrelenting | Occupy Peace

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