The use of drones is increasing at a faster rate. In Europe and North America, it is easy to purchase a drone at a local shop without any proper security checks.

And due to them being available to the public, some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of this and are using them to commit all sorts of crimes. There have been cases in which mystery drones are equipped with cameras, flying over sensitive sites such as nuclear power stations. Some also are alleged to have been carrying drugs to prisoners. Earlier this year, a drone crashed at the White House; it was suspected that the drone was spying on the facility.

The recent fear has been that it is likely that drones can be used to carry explosives to commit mass murder by potential terrorists, but these concerns are likely to be history. Engineers from the English town of Luton have developed a new defense shield that seeks out and shoots down dangerous drones, and only dangerous drones.

Source: Researchers Develop New Defense Shield That Shoots Down “Dangerous” Drones AnonHQ