A Beautiful Mind: Addison’s Religious Essays

“With what astonishment and veneration may we look into our own
souls, where there are such hidden stores of virtue and knowledge,
such inexhausted sources of
perfection? We know not yet what we
shall be, nor will it ever enter into the heart of man to conceive the
glory that will be always in reserve for him.[1 Cor 2:9]

The soul considered with its Creator, is like one of those mathematical lines
that may draw nearer to another to all eternity without a possibility
of touching it: and can there be a thought so transporting, as to
consider ourselves in these perpetual approaches to him, who is not
only the standard of perfection but of happiness!”


fancy_dropcase_READERS of this blog may download a free copy of my new book, a collection of religious and metaphysical essays by Joseph Addison which appeared in the The Spectator in 1711 and 1712. These are certain to delight and edify.  Addison is well known as one of the most skilled prose stylists in the English language; but few today are aware of the sublime quality of his religious essays.

Addison’s influence on both the English and American minds is considerable, yet largely unacknowledged today.

Download the ebook in pdf format here.


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