Members of the Green Party and the Libertarian Party already share similar positions on many topics. It’s time for third parties to change the narrative.

When it comes to national elections, the deck is stacked against any candidate who doesn’t have a (D) or (R) next to their name.

Even third party candidates realize that they are dead in the water before they even had the chance to mount an effort against the two-party duopoly. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein recently posted a “pre-mortem eulogy” that satirically characterizes her campaign that was “prematurely and surreptitiously extinguished by her many enemies.”

It’s time for third parties to change the narrative. It’s time for two prominent political groups – Green Party members and Libertarian Party members – to forego the losing effort of third party campaigning and join forces. Greens and libertarians – the two top political parties outside of the “big two” – need to stop fighting over the electoral scraps left over by Democrats and Republicans, and create a meaningful grassroots coalition that focuses on their shared ideological agendas.

Instead of spinning their wheels on trying to gain access to 50 state ballots, Greens and libertarians should focus their activism and fundraising efforts going toward the issues they champion.

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