Mystery School in Hyperspace – Erik Davis

Erik Davis interviews Graham St John about his new book Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT, published by Evolver/North Atlantic Books.

“While the book covers much ground, it holds no claim to being the cultural history of DMT, but a cultural history, shaped by my own experiences and interests. It’s a ripple on the surface of a phenomenon that can be approached from a great many angles, that are as diverse as the grail-like quests to understand it, exemplified by the exploits of Burroughs, Leary, Sand, the McKenna brothers, Rick Strassman, and the many contemporary seekers whose travails are pasted across webforums and recounted on YouTube. If it compels researchers and emissaries to treat the phenomenon in more select approaches, perhaps teasing out some of the strands in this history that are only scarcely addressed or overlooked in this account, if it inspires commentary, dialogue and even scathing critique, the book will have served its purpose.”

Source: Mystery School in Hyperspace – Reality Sandwich

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