On some level antivirus software pioneer John McAfee seems to think he can energize his campaign for the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party purely on the abundant sparking octane of his own outsized legend and wild pronouncements.

But that isn’t all to his campaign. His vice presidential pick Judd Weiss, and his campaign manager Tiffany Madison (along with a dedicated army of volunteers, Madison stresses), have launched an interestingly strange and attention getting set of campaign ad videos (Weiss) and started building an internet resource for the Libertarian Party that, if it comes to fruition and sticks around, should make the Party a better fit for the modern communication age.

Weiss’s fourth and latest video (all of them using the McAfee/Weiss slogan “Let Life Live”) is over five minutes long, a length he’s quite aware most normal political consultants would call crazy. It’s called “Exit Politics”.

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Source: Ads About Killing Politics, Tools to Make it Work Better: The McAfee Campaign’s Nuts and Bolts – Hit & Run : Reason.com