The “Acid King,” Serving Life Without Parole, Speaks to The Influence

(Written by Seth Ferranti)

Convicted of making obscene amounts of LSD at a former nuclear missile silo, William Leonard Pickard—aka “The Acid King”—was sentenced to life without parole in the federal prison system in 2003.

Now 70 years old, Pickard is still steadfastly fighting this unjust and inhumane sentence, trying to regain his freedom. He’s doing so with the help of his exceptional intellectual arsenal. An alumnus of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, with degrees in chemistry and public policy, he was formerly a research associate in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, a fellow of the Interfaculty Initiative on Drugs and Addictions at Harvard, and deputy director of the Drug Policy Analysis Program at UCLA.

In November 2000 the DEA raided the LSD lab inside Atlas E, the old nuclear missile silo in Wamego, Kansas, after a tip from an informant—the man who owned the silo, who was granted immunity by the prosecution in return for his testimony against Pickard.

Enjoy the rest of the (trip) story…

Source: The “Acid King,” Serving Life Without Parole, Speaks to The Influence | TheInfluence

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