The Trump Train is broken – Ben Farmer



Editor’s Note…

Ben Farmer is the Director of Public Relations for the Libertarian Party of Texas and a good friend of mine.

Seriously, it’s time to talk strategy. This one is for all of you ‪#‎neverhillary‬ people.

The Trump train is broken. Trump has gained zero support since the primaries. The same folks who supported him then, support him now, and those literally are the only folks. He cannot win. He is a sinking ship. The only hope you have to beat Hillary is to come over to the one candidate who can beat Hillary: Gary Johnson. Together we can defeat what she stands for: more war, more taxes, fewer freedoms, and less security. The Trump folks will try to tell you to vote for him because he’s the only hope to beat her… but he cannot beat her, you know he cannot beat her, and you don’t want to vote for him anyway.

Vote for someone better. Vote for someone who has a chance. Vote for someone who can voice your hope. Vote for Gary Johnson.


One thought on “The Trump Train is broken – Ben Farmer

  1. oiltranslator August 17, 2016 / 12:22 PM

    Paddypower bookies are betting 5 do 1 that the pro-choice party wins and 3 to 1 that the pro-life-after-death GO Pee prohibitionists lose. LP odds have improved from 400 to 1 to 50 to 1 against, so far… –libertariantranslator

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