Liberty Lovers Unite


Imagine a world where everyone who supported the concept of Liberty actually supported each other?

Liberty would win in a landslide…

8 thoughts on “Liberty Lovers Unite

    • Thomas Hill October 30, 2016 / 12:43 PM

      Jeff, you assume too much about me. I never claimed he was a libertarian. He does some things that tick me off. He also takes stands in the Senate I admire. Maybe if we (those active in the Liberty movement) focused on the positive as much as the negative, we could focus our energies against the true enemies of Liberty. I am a hardcore Libertarian with a 16 year activism track record to back it up. It may surprise you that I don’t believe libertarians have a monopoly on the Liberty movement. If classic liberals, libertarians and what’s left of the antiwar left would work together instead of bitching among each other, Liberty would be mainstream.


      • Jeff Smith October 30, 2016 / 2:16 PM

        Thomas, when you include Rand Paul in a conversation, people automatically assume (unless otherwise stated) that you support him. The fact that you are stick “admiring” mega-establishment Republicans says a lot!

        I have 39 years with the Libertarian Party, meaning, I remember the days when the Republican Party was considered the enemy of liberty and peace. Now days, the Libertarian Party is aligned with the Republican Party, which was a primary fear and resulting prediction of failure for the LP. Believing that the GOP (1/2 to blame for the tyranny we live under) party is the pathway to liberty, or has ANYTHING to do with liberty, is the undoing of the Libertarian Party.


      • oiltranslator May 21, 2017 / 8:24 PM

        Thomas eloquently states the case for a big tent but omits the meaning of winning–repeal of force-initiating laws. Randal is an exemplary girl-bullying Republican, and just the kind of Republican who needs to be mindful of our spoiler votes and copy our planks into his party’s platform. But any closer fraternizing with vectors for antichoice coercion will tarbrush us in the eyes of half the voters as complicit in Republican prohibitionism in violation of individual rights. Check your premises and definition of “winning.” We don’ need no steenkin political jobs (but a few more couldn’t hurt) to win. All we need are conscientious votes and non-loony candidates. I’ve been in this 37 years and scolded by John Hospers (The Force be with him) for kicking sand in anarchist faces, but consistency is a good thing when fishing for spoiler votes. Bitch, whine, argue, but VOTE, dammit!


  1. Thomas Hill October 30, 2016 / 3:48 PM

    False assumptions come about because people speak before they research. Please point to where I said the GOP is a pathway of Liberty or anything close! I shared the meme hoping Rand Paul supporters would support Gary Johnson and the LIBERTARIAN Party. I am trying to get self described libertarians in the GOP to support and hopefully join the LP. If you still don’t understand, I am truly sorry to have wasted your time.


  2. oiltranslator October 31, 2016 / 9:36 PM

    You are known by the company you keep. So antichoice republican libertarian impersonators, please stop embarrassing us in front of our voters, OK?


    • Thomas Hill November 1, 2016 / 4:44 PM

      Reaching out to Rand Paul supporters is embarrassing? Do you know anything about politics. I sincerely ask because my partial resume is on the About page. I have no idea who you are so I don’t make assumptions about you but you are clever enough to judge me just because I
      post a meme that encourages people to possibly support the candidate I have chosen to support. WTF?


  3. oiltranslator May 21, 2017 / 8:42 PM

    I can relate. His daddy wrote me admitting, in effect, that he is willing to have girls and doctors arrested (ergo shot if they resist) for reversal of unwanted pregnancies–this was before 100,000 people were added to the population every time you awake. But Petr Beckmann expected me to refrain from picking on Ron Paul and he does have a good voting record–as Republican mystical bigots go. But logically, consistently, they would have to require us to invade Canada militarily given the power. They are impostors, like “former” communists insisting on surrender to the Soviets were impostors, so I do not advocate for them and stick to my own party’s platform. The looters shriek to the rafters that Randal Paul is THE libertarian at every Naral meeting. I try not to aid and abet, but you go ahead and judge the competition as you see fit.


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