Congressional Republicans Vow To Block Marijuana Amendments

Healing our America


Hard headed actions by House Republicans further expose the narrow minded and backwards GOP brand. Cannabis won more states than the Republican’s arch nemesis, Hillary Clinton, yet they foolishly defend prohibition and a drug war that has rendered our urban centers and rural communities asunder. Help us heal our country by withdrawing support and consent to drug warriors in Congress, the White House and state capitols across America. – Thomas

Published on by Tom Angell…

Don’t count on there being any marijuana votes in the U.S. House next year…

That’s the message that Republican leadership in Congress is sending after blocking a number of cannabis amendments from reaching the House floor earlier this year.

“The chairman has taken a stand against all amendments that are deemed poison pills and that would imperil passage of the final bill,” Caroline Boothe, spokeswoman for House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX), told in…

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