Libertarianism is different because of Peace – R. Lee Wrights


Originally published on March 17th, 2012 during R. Lee Wrights run for president…

BURNET, Texas (March 17) – As I’ve crisscrossed the country the past few months visiting Libertarian state party conventions, I’ve had plenty of time on the road between stops to reflect on what I’ve heard from my fellow libertarians. And what I’m hearing from an increasing number of them is that they’re ready to make a difference in 2012 simply by being different, by being true libertarians.

Libertarianism is all about non-aggression. The philosophy of life which guides all libertarians and which drives some of us to plunge into the political process is the exact opposite of what motives Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. We leave people alone. They tell everyone how to live. We’re good neighbors. They’re nosy neighbors. We’re for peace. They’re for war.

As I’ve said many times, I’m running for president of the United States not to do things, but to undo things. I am, proudly, part of that vast libertarian conspiracy that wants to take over the government so that we can leave you alone. My good friend Anthony Gregory called libertarianism “the ultimate anti-war philosophy.” I can see manifestations of that truth at every event I attend.

When I started this campaign more than a year and a half ago, I was motivated primarily by the many young people I met who asked why the Libertarian Party wasn’t taking the lead in the antiwar movement. But as this campaign has progressed, I’ve been encouraged and reinvigorated by the fact that people of all age groups have been just as receptive to the message to stop all war.

In a speech at LibertyFest West, Adam Kokesh said, “The message of liberty is of love and empowerment and we shouldn’t be on the sidelines shaking our heads because we’ve realized something that others haven’t. We should be right there in the game, taking charge and showing people that there is a better way, that survival and reproduction are better off in a free society, that freedom is the greatest thing we can do for our own security because it’s the greatest thing we can do to provide for our own prosperity.”

That’s what this campaign is all about. As the Libertarian candidate for president in 2012, I can, and will tell people exactly what libertarians really stand for, not what they’ve been told we believe. I won’t have to think about how to answer a question with a true libertarian response because I already know that whatever the question, freedom is the answer.

More than that, I’m determined that whoever is the Libertarian presidential candidate in 2012 is just as committed and just as able to do the same. While I respect Dr. Ron Paul as an advocate for libertarian ideas, and greatly admire the commitment and dedication of his supporters, I don’t think he’ll be the Republican nominee. That means that the only presidential candidate speaking for liberty in the 2012 election will be the Libertarian candidate. So I want all Ron Paul supporters to know that their help and support will not only be welcome, but will be sorely needed to guarantee that liberty has a genuine and fearless champion come November.

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