Carl Gustav Jung and politics – The Wotan-Gate.


Ring-Walkure-WotanCarl Gustav Jung has always been wildly recognized but was never fashionable, since he was conservative as well as a ground breaking, unconventional free-thinker. From critics, especially in Germany, some of his theories have been overshadowed by unfounded allegations that he was anti-Semitic and a Nazi sympathizer. The presented evidence, his work, his actions and affiliations, have been carefully weighed for example in Deirdre Bair’s biography. In retrospect, Jung could only be accused of making mistakes during the 1930s. However, other actions he took clearly rescue his reputation.  All accounts against him, I am aware of, have unfortunately been marred with factual errors and quotes taken out of context (see list below). Additionally many quite casually have referred to Jung as unscientific or as a chauvinist  womanizer and Nazi fellow traveler.  C.G. Jung did certainly well with women ( the most dedicated co-workers were women) and was not free of opportunism.

Work as President Medical Society for Psychotherapy

Another accusation is, that Jung was complying with…

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