Libertarian Hippie Pictured in LP News

Julie Fox, John Kramer and myself are pictured on page 13 of the December issue of LP News, along side an affiliate news article about our record breaking Libertarian Party of Illinois state slate of candidates from last year.

Also plenty of good news from around the country.

The quiet war on ballot access – Lee Wrights

Not all of America’s wars are clear and visible. For decades establishment politicians have been waging a quiet, secret war most Americans don’t even realize is going on. But this war is just as destructive of our liberty as the war in Afghanistan, the war on drugs, the war on taxpayers and the myriads of other conflicts our government is waging.

This war is stealing one of our most precious birthrights, the right to vote for the representative of our choice. It is the war on ballot access. Unlike other wars, the war on ballot access is waged by a united front of Democrats and Republicans who always willingly and eagerly stand together to restrict and obstruct any contender for political power but themselves. They’ve seized control of a nation and have no intention of ever relinquishing their stranglehold on the reins of power.

Most Americans are oblivious to the monopoly of power exercised by the Democrats and Republicans because they’ve been conditioned to believe that “America has always had a two- party” system. Even some otherwise honest and intelligent Republicans and Democrats believe this is the way it’s always been, and seem genuinely amazed when they’re told how difficult it is for third-party and independent candidates to get on the ballot in many states.

That’s exactly what the professional political class wants them to believe. The arrogance of the two-party establishment feeds on itself; the longer it maintains and holds sole power, the more convinced it becomes  of its rightness. They see nothing wrong in limiting your choices. In their haughty position of self-importance, they piously proclaim that having more than two choices on the ballot would only result in a “cluttered ballot” and “voter confusion.”

These claims are merely a cover for their cynical belief that American voters are too uninformed and uneducated — in other words, too stupid – to make decisions from a long list of choices, unlike voters in countries like Iraq. The same politicians who piously demand other nations institute “democracy” have no qualms about blatantly denying to their own people the right to vote for representatives of their choice.

The stark truth is, if you’re not a Republican or a Democrat in the United States of America, you are a slave to a government controlled by a majority that forces its will upon you. Restrictive ballot access laws, perpetuated by the two-party duopoly, are the ultimate abuse of power. They’re depressing testimony to the mortification and calcification of the two-party system to the point that it is close to death.

“One of the best-kept secrets in American politics is that the two-party system has long been brain-dead maintained by a life-support system that protects the established parties from rivals,” said Theodore J. Lowi, senior professor of American Institutions at Cornell University. “The two-party system would collapse in an instant if the tubes were pulled and the IVs were cut. And until then, the dominant two parties will not, and cannot, reform a system in which they are the principal beneficiaries.”

In almost every case, state ballot access laws are an impediment to our rights, our freedom and our liberty. They’re designed exclusively to muzzle dissent and limit voter choice in order to secure power for the ruling class. In this election, however, America will have a clear choice and an opportunity to pull the IV tubes on the two-party duopoly.

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Why Peace? Why Not! – Lee Wrights

“Having seen the people of all other nations bowed down to the earth under the wars and prodigalities of their rulers, I have cherished their opposites, peace, economy, and riddance of public debt, believing that these were the high road to public as well as private prosperity and happiness.”
– Thomas Jefferson

My most natural reaction to the simply-put question “Why peace?” is puzzlement. My natural response to the question would be “Why peace? Why not?” How could peace possibly be a bad thing? Then I realize how aloof and self-righteous simple questions and answers can sometimes seem. It is best, as is my normal fashion, to treat even seemingly simple questions as serious inquiries into fundamental freedom throughout the United States and the world. I understand we must be able to demonstrate why peace is beneficial to individuals, nations, and civilizations. So, let’s start over: Why peace?

English: Detail from Peace and Prosperity. Mur...

I think the clearest and simplest answer is “Why not; we have tried war, over and over again, we never win, and the problems we war against only get worse. As the old ’60s song goes: all we are saying is, give peace a chance.” Not only that, but history proves that when there is no war, people prosper. There have been economic booms, scientific advancements, and cultural progress after every conflict American has fought, beginning with our War of Independence.

War breeds war. That is all it can do. War does nothing but devour valuable resources and destroy precious lives for the sole purpose of perpetuating itself. As Randolph Bourne wrote, “War is the health of the state.” War is a mechanism used by the ruling elites of the state to coerce and control the people, so it becomes essential that whenever one war is complete, another is instigated elsewhere so that the mechanism keeps running.

On the other hand, peace breeds prosperity. If war is indeed the “health of the state,” then peace can be nothing less than the “health of the people.” Being at peace means valuable natural resources can be preserved and used at home where we need them most. Being at peace means young fathers and mothers can live and enjoy free trade, not only among themselves but with the world, instead of dying capriciously and unnecessarily, for political gain or to line the pockets of those who profit from their sacrifice.

History teaches us that the key elements to prosperity are freedom and peace. You don’t go to war with people you like, or with people you know, or with people with whom you are trading and doing business. Even after our fledgling republic was nearly torn asunder in a civil war that literally pitted brother against brother and nearly destroyed the South, our reunited nation and all its people advanced and prospered after peace was restored.

After both the world wars of the 20th century, there were advances in science, technology, and culture that only ended when the nation again blundered or was bamboozled into war. The post–War War I economic boom saw the increased use of machines and factories for mass production, which made goods faster and cheaper to produce, thus lowering prices so the average American could buy and enjoy them. The Roaring Twenties roared with more than the music and dancing in the burgeoning commercial radio and movie industry. American homes roared with the sound of newfangled, labor-saving devices like electric vacuum cleaners, toasters, washing machines, and refrigerators. Americans not only had more freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but they were also literally set free to travel when the automobile became affordable and part of every American household.

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IL Libertarian Party looks to build on recent Notoriety – Mark Wachtler

November 28, 2014. Naperville, IL (ONN) It’s been an exciting election year for the Libertarian Party of Illinois. They gained national headlines when armed GOP thugs went to their homes, forcing them to sign affidavits saying they weren’t Libertarians. The Party then found itself in a three-way race with the two establishment Parties. And even though Libertarian candidates didn’t hit the all-important 5 percent threshold to qualify as a major party, they doubled their membership, voter base and vote totals.

Libertarian Party Logo

‘Despite falling just short of our 5% goal, 2014 was a historic year for Illinois Libertarians,’ an Illinois Libertarian Party post-Election announcement explained, ‘We shattered our previous election records even as voter turnout fell to all-time lows.’ Compared to Election totals in Illinois four years ago, when a larger number of citizens voted than this year, the LP’s candidate for Illinois Lt. Governor increased his vote total by 278%. The Libertarian candidate for Illinois Treasurer increased by 121%. And the LP candidates for Attorney General, US Senate and Illinois Comptroller increased their vote totals over 2012 by 87%, 58% and 45% respectively.

“This is a historic Election for the Libertarian Party of Illinois,” Illinois LP State Chairman Lex Green told supporters, “Although our goal of becoming an established party remains elusive, we have achieved dramatic increases in the votes our candidates have received in all the races for statewide office. This happened even as we faced never before seen challenges to our existence by the old parties. When you take into account the phenomenal surge in new members over the last weeks, it speaks loudly that we are a force to be reckoned with. Our time is now and we will leverage this success to even greater achievement in the coming years.”

Local Illinois Libertarian leaders didn’t waste any time capitalizing on their influx of new members, voters and supporters. Only days after this month’s Election, the Party issued a public call for volunteers, leaders and even staffers and assistants. ‘Nov 4th has come and gone, but our sights are already set on the future,’ a Party announcement said last week, ‘As we work to organize those who are answering last week’s call for volunteers, we return this week with a different appeal.’

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Former Congressman Joe Walsh Endorses Julie Fox For Comptroller


Julie Fox, Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Comptroller, announced today the formal campaign endorsement of Joe Walsh, former U.S. Congressman from the Illinois 8th Congressional District.  Ms. Fox, a Certified Public Accountant from Dundee, IL was thrilled with the news.

Upon hearing that Congressman Walsh had endorsed her over her two major party opponents, Ms. Fox said, “The Congressman believes as I do, that the Comptroller, the Chief Financial Officer of the state, should at a minimum be an accountant.  After all, we expect our Attorney General to be a lawyer, don’t we?  Why would we even think of electing someone untrained in the complex management of money to handle such an important task?”  Congressman Walsh, in deciding to give his endorsement said, “Julie’s somebody everyone should get excited about.  She’s not a career politician; she’s different from the others.  As the only CPA in the race she’s actually qualified for the job.  She’s running for the office because she’s ticked off about the condition of the state’s financial condition, and she actually wants to do something about it.  That’s pretty impressive.”

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