“Insurmountable Burden” Law For Third Parties Striken, Paving The Way For Libertarian Candidates – Amanda Vinicky

A just-issued court order does away with a law that third-party candidates say makes it difficult to run for certain offices in Illinois.

Source: “Insurmountable Burden” Law For Third Parties Striken, Paving The Way For Libertarian Candidates | Peoria Public Radio

IL Libertarian Party looks to build on recent Notoriety – Mark Wachtler

November 28, 2014. Naperville, IL (ONN) It’s been an exciting election year for the Libertarian Party of Illinois. They gained national headlines when armed GOP thugs went to their homes, forcing them to sign affidavits saying they weren’t Libertarians. The Party then found itself in a three-way race with the two establishment Parties. And even though Libertarian candidates didn’t hit the all-important 5 percent threshold to qualify as a major party, they doubled their membership, voter base and vote totals.

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‘Despite falling just short of our 5% goal, 2014 was a historic year for Illinois Libertarians,’ an Illinois Libertarian Party post-Election announcement explained, ‘We shattered our previous election records even as voter turnout fell to all-time lows.’ Compared to Election totals in Illinois four years ago, when a larger number of citizens voted than this year, the LP’s candidate for Illinois Lt. Governor increased his vote total by 278%. The Libertarian candidate for Illinois Treasurer increased by 121%. And the LP candidates for Attorney General, US Senate and Illinois Comptroller increased their vote totals over 2012 by 87%, 58% and 45% respectively.

“This is a historic Election for the Libertarian Party of Illinois,” Illinois LP State Chairman Lex Green told supporters, “Although our goal of becoming an established party remains elusive, we have achieved dramatic increases in the votes our candidates have received in all the races for statewide office. This happened even as we faced never before seen challenges to our existence by the old parties. When you take into account the phenomenal surge in new members over the last weeks, it speaks loudly that we are a force to be reckoned with. Our time is now and we will leverage this success to even greater achievement in the coming years.”

Local Illinois Libertarian leaders didn’t waste any time capitalizing on their influx of new members, voters and supporters. Only days after this month’s Election, the Party issued a public call for volunteers, leaders and even staffers and assistants. ‘Nov 4th has come and gone, but our sights are already set on the future,’ a Party announcement said last week, ‘As we work to organize those who are answering last week’s call for volunteers, we return this week with a different appeal.’

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