War Breeds War. Peace Breeds Prosperity

That Koch Money Is Ruining Politics – Bogosity TV


There’s no way to make liberals look like the underdogs here. And in all this long list, where are the Kochs supposed to be?”

Source: https://www.opensecrets.org/outsidespending/summ.php?cycle=2014&disp=D&type=O&superonly=S

Krugman Is One Crazy Fella


Shane Killian, my good friend and political campaign partner made this handy ‘meme’ from footage he shot at the Nullify Now conference in Raleigh, NC this past weekend.

Shane and myself assisted Foundation For A Free Society executive director, Jason Rink as we filmed the events of the day. We also got interview footage of radio host, Mike Church and Tom Woods for an upcoming second film about nullification.

The Lesser of Two Crazies

My friend and Million Vote March videographer, Shane Killian and his views on Romney and Obama…