Libertarian Hippie Pictured in LP News

Julie Fox, John Kramer and myself are pictured on page 13 of the December issue of LP News, along side an affiliate news article about our record breaking Libertarian Party of Illinois state slate of candidates from last year.

Also plenty of good news from around the country.

They Think They Have A Claim To Everything



Krugman Is One Crazy Fella


Shane Killian, my good friend and political campaign partner made this handy ‘meme’ from footage he shot at the Nullify Now conference in Raleigh, NC this past weekend.

Shane and myself assisted Foundation For A Free Society executive director, Jason Rink as we filmed the events of the day. We also got interview footage of radio host, Mike Church and Tom Woods for an upcoming second film about nullification.

Thomas Hill joins F4FS as Development Director


Thomas Hill joined the staff of The Foundation for a Free Society in early 2013 as our Development Director. Charged with donor outreach, you will likely find Thomas at liberty-oriented events around the country, promoting the ideas of freedom, and speaking on the topic of State Nullification.

Here’s a little bit about him:

Thomas is a long time libertarian activist and campaign consultant living in West Dundee, Illinois. In addition to his duties at F4FS, he currently is managing the Lee Wrights For Texas Governor 2014 and Julie Fox For Illinois Comptroller 2014 campaigns.

He managed Lee Wrights campaign for the Libertarian Party nomination for president in 2012. They finished second to Governor Gary Johnson at the national convention in Las Vegas.

In 2008, Thomas served as aide de camp to Dr. Mary Ruwart in her campaign for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination. Dr. Ruwart finished second to Congressman Bob Barr during a six ballot slugfest at the LP convention in Denver.

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Libertarian Party of Illinois holds annual state convention

I had a wonderful time at the IL LP convention. Lee Wrights and I screened a portion of our Foundation For A Free Society film. “Nullification; A Rightful Remedy”. It was received warmly. One convention attendee liked its positive message of improving the human condition under a tyrannical federal government.

I also put Dr. Thomas Woods on the spot, in public…

Illinois' Libertarian Party Logo
Illinois’ Libertarian Party Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the raucous applause at the speech’s end, Woods took questions from the LP attendees. Hill incorporated a line about Woods running for president in 2016 that left the latter speechless and an ear-to-ear smile, as well as an extremely positive audience reaction. I saw that a few new people came just to hear Woods speak and the crowd size was at least 70 people.

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