Sean Morrison, owner of gun-toting firm that threatened Libertarians, up for Cook County Seat

From The Illinois Insider…

Remember Sean Morrison of Morrison Security, the owner of the firm hired by the Illinois GOP to threaten Libertarian Party petition circulators with gun-toting “thugs?” Now GOP leaders say they expect Morrison to be appointed to succeed Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman Wednesday night. Morrison says he is “cautiously optimistic” about the appointment.

But insiders say the news could re-open some angry political wounds.

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“It’s outrageous for this man who was directly involved in voter suppression efforts against the Libertarian Party may be appointed to the Cook County Board,” said William J. Kelly, an Emmy award-winning TV producer and former statewide GOP candidate for Illinois comptroller, who will be speaking at the Illinois Libertarian Convention in July.

Morrison and his firm made headlines last August after the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Illinois GOP hired armed private investigators from Morrison’s firm to intimidate the Libertarian Party’s signature petition circulators.

At the time then candidate Bruce Rauner denied any knowledge of the armed intimidation threats despite his deep ties to the bad actors.

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